Sunday, August 30, 2015

Wes Craven: R.I.P.

Wes Craven, writer-director of horror films including Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream, died today after a battle with brain cancer. He was 76.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Craven, whose iconic Freddy Krueger character horrified viewers for years, died at his home in Los Angeles, his family announced. Survivors include his wife, producer and former Disney Studios vice president Iya Labunka.

Craven was a longtime summer resident of Martha’s Vineyard, where he moved permanently three years ago before returning to Los Angeles for work and health reasons.
Craven claimed to have gotten the idea for Elm Street when living next to a cemetery on a street of that name when growing up in the suburbs of Cleveland. The five Nightmare on Elm Street films were released from 1984-89.

Similarly, Craven's Scream series was a box-office sensation. In those scare-'em-ups, he spoofed the teen horror genre. The movies frequently referenced other horror movies. 

Davitt Award Winners: Sisters in Crime Australia

The Davitt Awards (named in honor of Ellen Davitt (1812-1879) who wrote Australia's first mystery novel, Force and Fraud in 1865) are presented annually by Sisters in Crime Australia. The awards are presented for Australian crime fiction, by women, for both adults and young adults. Awards were announced last night. Congratulations to all!

  • Liane Moriarty, Big Little Lies
  • Ellie Marney, Every Word (Allen & Unwin)
  • Judith Rossell, Withering-by-Sea (HarperCollins Australia)
  • Caroline Overington, Last Woman Hanged (HarperCollins Australia)
  • Christine Bongers, Intruder (Woolshed Press – a Random House imprint)

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